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Self Directed IRA


            We have become increasing inundated with questions regarding alternative investments for Individual Retirement Accounts due to our expertise in both tax and law. The volatile financial markets have led individuals to be more attuned to friends, relatives and informational articles mentioning alternative investments for their retirement account. Due to this heightened attention to the subject, we wanted you to be armed with first-hand knowledge of the subject.


            We recommend and suggest an investment alternative, namely Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (colloquially known as self-directed IRAs or SDIRAs). Many individuals have traditional retirement accounts invested in the stock market and other financial assets. This type of account is subject to market fluctuations and investors struggle with the lack of control over earnings for their retirement future.


            Utilizing a self-directed IRA allows investors to control the investments that they wish to make. "Self-Directed" literally means that you have the power to choose.  Not only does a self-directed IRA permit you to invest in assets aside from traditional products but you decide which assets will generate the most growth for you.


            With a self-directed IRA, there are many investment options. Currently, the real estate market is a true buyers market and many of our clients have purchased residential or commercial real estate, foreclosures, raw land for development, foreign real estate, mortgages, deeds of trust and much more. The area of real estate investment happens to be particularly appealing for buyers but self- directed IRAs are not limited to real estate.  Some options are precious metals, notes, and tax liens.  The alternatives are endless and should be discussed with tax and legal professionals that specialize in this field.  


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